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The Best of Times

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Guest blogger Andy Foley '13 writes, "Could we enter the health professions at a more exciting time?  The greatest expansion of healthcare in U.S. history is less than 10 days away:  the next phase of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare” rolls out October 1 when new insurance marketplaces will open in every state, allowing citizens to shop for health insurance and choose a plan that fits their needs . . ."

You're Pre-Med If...

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The more graduates I see over the years headed off to medical school, the more I do believe that there are some common traits you all share . . .  If you have a strong desire to serve others and to alleviate suffering, then you may indeed be “pre-med” . . .  If you have an interest and proficiency in science, then you may be “pre-med.”  If you tend to remain composed when taking on high levels of responsibility, if you’re willing to be a leader and you’re not afraid of making decisions, then you may be a “pre-med.”  If you’re curious about the world and don’t stop analyzing problems until you find clarity, then you may be “pre-med" . . .