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Awaken Your Inner Motivational Speaker

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Standing at the front of an audience-filled room with two minutes until I present the findings of my most recent research on how women leaders in higher education construct an active voice and lead for change, I am mildly nervous.  I am nervous because I hope to captivate and excite the audience and, following lunch with a keynote address can make that …even more of a challenge.  

In Defense of Higher Education

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“The American public and senior administrators at U.S. colleges and universities overwhelmingly agree that higher education is in crisis, according to a new poll, but they fundamentally disagree over how to fix it and even what the main purpose of higher education is.” So begins a recent article in Time’s aptly named series “Reinventing Higher Education” – a collection of pieces that encapsulates a recent consensus of the mainstream press and American public...

Unanticipated Time to Reflect Thanks to Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy did a lot more than flood roads, close workplaces and cancel classes.  She forced many of us to stay indoors, derailing our normal life routines.  In my case, this meant my husband and me keeping our three children busy with craft projects, board games and, pending power loss, an array of Disney movies while keeping in our thoughts those whose lives were being devastated by the storm.

The Move from Networking to Advocacy

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Imagine having a robust and dynamic network of people in your corner.  Each member of this professional network interacts frequently and stays connected over time.  When something new or interesting is going on in your career field, the network spreads the news, and, when facing a professional challenge, members of the network brainstorm strategies.

Forming a Personal Board of Directors

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The role of a board of directors in the smooth operation of an organization cannot be overstated.  Populated well and led effectively, a board will steer organizations through financial crises, leadership transitions and customer relations campaigns.  Ultimately, competent directors directly impact the success of the organizations they advise.