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What to Do Between Naps & Meals, Part II

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By Glenn N. Cummings, Ph.D., Director of Health Professions Advising

Winter break is here . . .

Between naps and meals and spending time with your family and friends, you might find these glimpses into medicine interesting, even moving. 

Lately, I’ve been reading the blog called The Doctor Weighs In.  It’s “about all things health and health care,” written by a group of contributors on topics including wellness, providing care, health policy, medical education, and much more.

For articles and insights from the perspective of medical students, I haven’t found anything better than in-Training.  An e-newsletter started by some Albany Medical College students, it’s growing to include articles by medical students from across the country.  Maybe you’ll contribute one day . . .

Pulse is also a good online publication.  “What would it be like, I wondered, if there were a magazine that told about health care the way it really is?  What if patients and health professionals alike got to tell their stories?” writes Paul Gross, MD, Editor-in-Chief of PulseI can’t keep up with the stories in every weekly issue, but the ones I’ve read have impressed me with their personal, almost intimate view of the patient-caregiver relationship.

Empathy.  In Song of Myself Walt Whitman wrote, “I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I become the wounded person.”  Thanks to my pre-health advising colleague, Carol Weisse at Union College, for pointing me to this incredible video about empathy (produced by the Cleveland Clinic), which really drives home what Whitman and many others have said about empathy.  My hat’s off to all patients, providers, and healthcare staff.  Please, watch this video and spend a moment or two trying to “walk in someone else’s shoes” this holiday season.

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