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Speed-Dating Your Way into Health Professional School

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I can’t say I’ve ever participated in a “speed dating” exercise.  I intentionally call it an “exercise” instead of a “game,” since to me it sounds painful, an activity akin to Karaoke Night or watching reality TV.  The idea of people lining up in a gym to present themselves to strangers in five-minute sound bites seems a little forced, even superficial...

What You Did Last Summer

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Whether or not to take a class next summer is a common question among pre-health students this time of year.  You're looking at your current workload as well as the demands of next year, including requirements for your major (and maybe minor).  You're also looking at, perhaps fixedly, your grades in the pre-health curriculum thus far . . .  Is doing one of the required courses for health professional school over the summer a "Way Out"?  Is it advisable?