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What to Do Between Naps & Meals, Part II

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Winter break is here . . .  Between naps and meals and spending time with your family and friends, you might find these glimpses into medicine interesting, even moving.  

What to Do Between Naps & Meals

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Winter break is coming . . . a chance to catch up on sleep, beat siblings at games of Wii and grandparents at gin rummy (or vice versa!), reconnect with friends from high school, and hopefully enjoy some home-cooked meals.  At my house, I’ll be getting frustrated over tangled strings of holiday lights, getting the inexplicable need to watch football out of my system, and getting excited for Santa’s arrival with my seven-year-old son.  My pre-health advisor hat will be hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that I’ll be suitably refreshed by the time I put it back on in 2014.  It did occur to me this morning, however, that the break might also be a good time to do some things you haven’t had time to do during the semester.  Pre-health things . . .  

Know Your AAMC

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AAMC = Association of American Medical Colleges.  For anyone aspiring to allopathic medicine (becoming an MD some day), the AAMC is the governing body of the U.S. medical schools you’ll apply to for that important next step in your education.  There are many reasons to spend some time on the AAMC website.  Here are just a few. . .