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Law School: Best of Times or Worst of Times?

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“Is this a good time to go to law school?”  This is the question I posed to Prof. Ben Barros, a professor at Widener Law School, when he was at F&M on Tuesday to teach his first day of property law – often the very first day of class for first-year law students.  His answer:  “This is the BEST time to go to law school – for someone who really wants to be a lawyer - in 30 years.  Applications are down nationwide, and it’s likely that in three years, the economy will be stronger.”

Both Critics and Advocates Offer Incomplete Perspective in Law School Debate

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As with battle over the value of higher education that I discussed in my previous blog post (and which resurfaced this weekend in the New York Times in an article misleading and worthy of critique in its own right), critics and advocates alike have taken to the newspapers and blogosphere to make their case regarding the value (economic or otherwise) of law school and a legal education.