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Do you want to secure a job or internship over winter recess?

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Should you use winter recess to recharge your intellectual batteries and catch up on sleep after (hopefully not) too many overnighters studying for finals?  Certainly.  Should you capitalize on this time to secure summer internships and post-graduate employment while unfettered by academic and extracurricular commitments.  Absolutely!  Here are some ways you can use winter recess to secure that coveted opportunity.

References & Recommendations

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Professional references are different than the type of references you might supply when filling out a rental application for housing.  While a landlord would be interested in speaking to your family friends, an employer would prefer to speak to people who have known you in a professional capacity (past supervisors, coordinators from volunteer projects, professors, etc).  The same is true when determining whom you will ask to write letters of recommendation for you.   

The Articulation Problem

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In a recent presentation to Franklin & Marshall students, faculty, and professional staff, Phil Gardner, Ph.D., director of the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University, showed the audience a hierarchy of the experiences that employers value and want young job applicants to have...

What Employers Are Saying

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This past week I had the opportunity to travel to New York City and meet with alumni and employers to develop partnerships beneficial to our students. Great information, suggestions and observations came out of my four days of meetings. This is what the employers are saying...