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Bri Altieri checks in from Chile

a note from a WH Community member abroad

I'm finally starting to do a bit better since the earthquake.  It's been a very long month and a half.

Last week escaped the smog of Santiago and lived with an Indigenous Family in the south of Chile.  The neighborhood boys brought me to cave that hid Mapuche gold from the Spaniards, I killed and plucked a chicken, attended the baptism of an 84 year old woman in the local river, helped build a Ruca, and my "mom" Lucy, who was up to my elbows, cried when she said goodbye to me, her "hija."

I'd thought I would share a picture of me wearing my favorite Writers House shirt, carrying my stick to go play the ancient Mapuche game of Palin (a little bit like hockey).

I'm thinking of my diplomats everyday. I'm still sad every time I get a commune email about an event that I can't attend.

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