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Our Mission

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Around the table. Behind the House.

When we decided to write an official mission statement, we spent a semester reviewing all that the House had done, does, and hopes to do. We made lists. We drank a lot of coffee. Then, we decided that to get our statement, we needed to make one, by doing something unorthodox: we pulled chairs up to the table for all in the Writers House community and held a mission-writing contest. The vote was unanimous. Between them all, we made one.

Writers House Mission Statement

The Philadelphia Alumni Writers House welcomes, inspires, feeds, teaches, shares, loves. Among pens, computers, dirty dishes, and good food, more than a community is evoked. It is here where the imagination has no limits and dreams meet reality. We believe that academic and artistic endeavors are fundamentally connected to everyday life. All are welcome to visit, listen, contribute, or just stay a while.

Contributing authors:
Christine Valzovano '11
Kevin Boyle '10
Sarah Whitman '08
Nick Barcelona '08