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Professor Patricia O'Hara

An Apologia

This is just to say   (about those papers)

I’ve had good intentions.


But I smelled Indian summer and

walked across campus to a bench and sat there:

containing multitudes,

looking at nothing in particular.


Then I went to a faculty meeting.

It made me phlegmatic.

I hadn’t planned on dinner afterward with a friend

but there you have it:

a plate of well-oiled linguine and

two and a half glasses of multepulchiano

with beaded bubbles winking at the brim,

and you know how distracting winking bubbles are.


How did today get to be tonight so quickly?

Was it that rainbow late this afternoon

when my heart leapt up and

all my days got so darned bound together,

each to each,

that I couldn’t think straight for trying?


Forgive me.


But if I get up early tomorrow morning,

drive to the Starbuck out on Route 30 and

claim the comfortable, plum-colored chair in the corner,

you’ll be getting your papers back soon.


Real soon.