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Find a nook and get lost in your favorite literary magazine or student publication.

Collaborate with Writers House to grow your own literary event or project.

Post your latest short story, poem or essay on the Writers House blog.

Get inspired at Community Meetings.

Meet guest writers, join a committee, find out about internship opportunities, writing contests and more. The fertile ground of Writers House is here to nourish your creativity, and so far there's no stemming what's sprouted out of it.  So please, dig in.

Writing Contests

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Writing contests and publication opportunities:

Central PA Magazine
Every January

Writer's Digest Writing Competition
Every May
Great database that has links to countless contests (deadlines year- round)

The Atlantic Monthly   - Student Writing Competition
Due every December
Prizes of $1000, $500 and $250 plus publication in the magazine

The Scholastic Art & Writing Award
Every March

Publication Subscriptions

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Thanks to Edna and Richard Hausman, the Writers House has a subscription to the following journals, magazines, and periodicals:

The Southern Quarterly Review is published at the Louisiana State University. It offers its readers fiction, critical essays, books reviews, interviews, poetry and excerpts from novels in progress.

The Paris Review is a quarterly publication that aims to publish creative works while eliminating the shadow of criticism so prevalent among other publications.

The Virginia Quarterly Review is a magazine that has been referred to as a solace for various kinds of writers. It prides itself upon the variety of the content published in its pages.

The Believer is a monthly magazine that places great significance upon its flexibility with submissions. It does not discriminate on the basis of length or any such things.

Fence is a literary magazine published bi-annually that features poetry and writing that has been labeled as “challenging” and “idiosyncratic.”

The Sun is a paper that is released on a monthly basis. It covers every subject matter from the news to the crossword puzzle.

Modern Haiku is an independent literary magazine that publishes haiku in various shapes and forms.

Paradox is a magazine that features short stories of the topics of historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy. It also includes interviews and literary essays.

Black Warrior Review releases poetry, fiction, non-fiction and art by both award-winning authors and up-and-coming writers.

Atlantic Monthly Review is a publication that is celebrated for its intelligent ideas. It is said to bring insight to its readers upon the most important issues of our day.

The New York Review is a monthly publication that features in-depth discussions of current books and problems. Brilliant thoughts fill the pages of this magazine.

Creative Non-Fiction is a quarterly publication that seeks to increase the significance of non-fiction in the public mind by offering a vast array of this particular genre.

Granta is a magazine that is published on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. It features all genres of writing, from non-fiction to poetry.

Agni is a magazine that releases art in its harshest form, encouraging the raw honesty in the art and literature that is published within its pages. Art, they believe, needs to be brutally truthful.

The Antioch Review produces all sorts of writings, from fiction to essays. It features both published and unpublished authors.

The New Yorker is perhaps one of the most famous literary magazine. It concerns all sorts of literary genres.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is a popular weekly source for university faculty members for information, jobs and news.

The American Poetry Review is released worldwide six times a year. It is celebrated for its wide range of subject matter and its newsprint format.

The Missouri Review is a quarterly subscription based in Missouri University. It produces varying genres written by writers of various calibers.

The Kenyon Review aims to identify exceptionally talented unpublished writers regardless of the subject matter.

Orion is a magazine that concerns all matters of nature, publishing literary genres such as poetry.

Poetry objectifies to publish all forms of this literary art. It does not distinguish on the basis of literary opinion, subject matter or author.

Columbia Journalism Review shoots to provoke success in all literary matters, while working alongside media in all its forms. It aims to assist the betterment of free society.

Tin House encourages a classic storytelling technique, publishing exciting and truthful forms of literature.

Gettysburg Review is a quarterly publication based in Gettysburg College. It features varying literary works of varying subjects.