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Why We Need PCAC Advisers

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The primary focus of the Pennsylania College Advising Corps is to increase matriculation rates in Pennsylvania's lower income, rural high schools. To achieve this, Advisers identify a variety of post-secondary options to fit specific needs for students. These post-secondary options range from traditional four-year colleges to community colleges to two-year trade and technical schools. In a recent study, the U.S. Department of Education found that 90% of today's fastest growing jobs require some form of post-secondary education. For this reason, PCAC believes it is invaluable to expose students to the wealth of post-secondary education available.

In order to assist with the transition from high school to post-secondary education, College Advisers provide students with both individual and group information sessions. During these meetings, Advisers will help explore the best path to reach a career of interest.

Considering the National Center for Educational Studies (NCES) identified a ratio of 488:1, students to guidance counselors in America today, having College Advisers serve in high schools is vital for matriculation success. Because of this staggering ratio, often guidance counselors are unable to spend the necessary time that first generation college students require.

The same study by the NCES found that the average student spends only 20 minutes per year talking to his or her counselor. For this reason, PCAC Advisers will have the availability to spend more time with individual students and focus on their specific need as they work through the admissions process.