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Response from High Schools

Here's what cooperating high school principals and counselors are saying about the Pennslyvania College Advising Corps:

The college/career planning is such a crucial aspect and could be a full-time job in itself. However, as a school counselor, there are many more job responsibilities that must be dealt with on a daily basis and time in this matter, college planning, can be limited. Having an Adviser helps tremendously and I do not feel as overwhelmed as previous years.

-Hope Smith, High School Counselor, Juniata Valley HS

"This program has helped our school culture change into a ,'Where are you going to school?', from an 'Are you going to school?' culture...The College Advising Corps model is exactly the kind of innovative and powerful collaboration that our school requires to ensure that our students achieve post secondary success."

- Richard Sterner , Biglerville High School Principal

"Our College Advisor has opened doors and expanded the horizon for many of our students who may not have considered college as on option."

-Stan Shilling, Chambersburg Area Senior High School Principal

This program has been an absolute life saver and has exceeded anything I could have imagined...Having an Adviser here has helped our students so much more than I could have done on my own with all the responsibilities we have as counselors.
-Gail Young, High School Counselor, Manheim Central HS