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  • Exploring Space
  • Exploring Space

    Curriculum Gallery
    April 22 - April 29, 2014 

    Exploring Space is a group exhibition by four Studio Art Majors, who have done independent studies in the 2013-2014 academic year. While each of them pursued different subject matters, they all intepret space in two-dimensional form. Their different responses to space create intriguing contrasts to each other raising questions about how humans interact with space. 

    A collection of drawings by Art & Physchology Major, Rosie Blair '15 was made over the course of her independent study, Honest Being, examining the individual personalities and everyday interactions of the figures exhibited. The drawings were crafted through conte crayon, with a focus on colorations of the bodies. Each figure has been rendered in the way the artist feels best represents the particularly genuine tone of the collection.

    Ella Heck's collection of landscape paintings attempt to further her skills in her use of color, technique, and exploration of style. With the process of onsite drawing with a litho crayon and in studio oil painting, Heck was able to focus on teh relationship between her as an artist, and the subject that she was painting. Her works were greatly inspired by the contemporary landscape artist, Stuart Shils. Ella Heck, '14 is a Studio Art Major. 

    Emulating the work of Gerhard Richter and Franz Kline, Alan Nitchman's independent study, In Search of Ultimate Unity, sought to establish a balance between chaos and compositional sense. The work was created using acrylic house paint, found canvases, and the cheapest materials possible. Alan Nitchman, '14 Studio Art and Creative Writing Major hopes to pursue a career in education while continuing his passion for both poetry and painting.

    In his series of studio interior drawings, Aung Hein Tun '15 Studio Art Major, emphasizes on the materiality of charcoal medium while exploring the theme of space and location. Relying on the warm and tranquil quality produced by charcoal, the drawings attempt to present mundane studio interiors with new visual experiences. The series ulimately embodies the student artist's reflection on his relation to his surroundings. 

  • Juried Show 2014
  • Spring Art Show 

    Rothman Gallery 
    April 22 - April 29, 2014
    Spring Art Show is a prestigious and competitive exhibition organized by Art Club in collaboration with the Phillips Museum and the Department of Art and Art History. It showcases a variety of artwork of the best quality created by the whole student body. This show gives an opportunity for all students who are not studio art majors or minors to exhibit their works in a museum. In addition, the President's Awards offer prizes in six categories: Best in Show, Best Painting, Best Drawing, Best Photography, Best Mixed Media, and Best Sculpture. With its outstanding artistic content and collaborative nature, Spring Art Show reflects the values of the F&M community. 
  • Senior Show
  • Senior Art Show

    Dana Gallery
    April 24 - April 29, 2014

    The Senior Art + Design Show is a culmination of artwork produced by the senior capstone class, consisting of 14 majors and minors. Students were given the freedom to explore the medium of their choosing, with pieces ranging from sculpture and drawing to painting, photography, and collage. Emphasis has been given to the production of substantial and challenging new works within a coherent direction and choice of media. This show gives each student the opportunity to experience what it’s like to imagine, create, and curate his or her own art exhibition.

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