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Online Exhibitions

Before Rosie the Riveter: Women and Work in WWI

This exhibition, focusing on the roles of women in WWI, is designed to complement the exhibition of the same title in the Phillips Museum. The online component features various pieces collected from newspapers, personal collections, and propaganda publications from the period. Items include photographs, prints, postcards, as well as other ephemera. They show women in many different roles during the war, such as building planes, conducting streetcars, selling war bonds, and driving plows. These items are arranged in the same way as the museum exhibit, featuring collections on women’s work with the Red Cross, Land Army, and YWCA, as well as in civic jobs (e.g. factories, police forces, post offices).  

This online exhibit is co-curated by Professor Misty Bastian, Brandon Cunningham ‘15, and Raechel Richardson ‘15.

Henry Mylin Kieffer Collection

This online exhibition on the works of Henry Mylin Kieffer was curated by History major Anthony Gruzdis '13. 

After beginning the project during the Museum Mysteries course at F&M, Anthony continued his research through the Phillips Museum. The site includes various art works by Kieffer as well as excerpts from his journals. 

Emancipation 150: National Event and Local Lives

A commemorative exhibition of the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation developed and curated by Hackman scholars Heather M. Brown ’13 and Megan L. Brown ‘13, working with Professor of History and American Studies, Louise Stevenson. The exhibition reviews Lancaster’s role in the fight for freedom and the roles played by its citizens, including Thaddeus Stevens, Edward Gorsuch, the Prince Hall Masons, and William Parker.  

Also, check out the online exhibition that features art related to the Emancipation 150 exhibition, designed by Brittany Baksa, Collections Assistant, in collaboration with Heather Brown and Megan Brown.

Zorach: Paint and Spirit

This exhibition was curated and designed by the students of Professor Linda Aleci's Curatorial Seminar.

An online component of the exhibit, which was created by Aleci's students with help from The Phillips Museum, features information on William and Marguerite Zorach and their many projects and pieces.