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Museum Shop

The Phillips Museum of Art is happy to announce the opening of our new Museum Shop on Cafe Press!  You can now purchase 100% cotton totebags and t-shirts, including organic wear, along with a selection of mugs, magnets and buttons.  Your purchase goes toward the support of the museum.  We appreciate your continued support!   To see the complete line of available merchandise go to: 

Catalogs for Sale

All catalogs contain beautiful color images. You can purchase current and past exhibition catalogs (cash and check only) by contacting the Museum Information Desk at (717) 291-3879 or  Please note that applicable mailing charges will be added to the cost of each catalog.  You may also purchase catalogs during open gallery hours.

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  • Embracing the Uncarved Wood: Sculptural reliefs from Shandong, China
  • This beautiful 90 page catalog is bilingual (Chinese and English) and contains quality color reproductions on each page.  Written by Professor Richard K. Kent  and Christopher Zhu (2009).  The hardbound catalog is available for $50 and the softbound for $30

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  • Cleve Gray: A Considered Life
  • Essays by Claire Giblin, Deborah Barkun, Scott Wright and Francine du Plessix Gray (2008).  This exhibition consists of works from the series of "Man and Nature 1975-2004," large paintings in acrylic and oil pastel the artist painted until his death in 2004.  Included in the exhibition are Jounquil and Untitled Red, which was the last painting that Gray worked on before he died in 2004.  Both works are now part of the museum's permanent collection.

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  • Something to Look Forward To
  • Essays by Bill Hutson,  April Kingsley, Franklin Sirmans and Geoffrey Jacques (2004).  Something to Look Forward To, curated by Bill Hutson, pays homage to the exceptional talent, unique vision, and courageous persistence of 22 African American artists including: Frank Bowling, Sam Gilliam, Alvin Loving, and Sam Middleton.  This groundbreaking exhibition has traveled across the United Sates.  This gorgeous 60 page color catalog is available for $20.00.

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  • DVD: Persistence of Vision: Contemporary African American Abstract Art
  •  This remarkable documentary presents the stories and reflections of nine eminent African American abstract artists.  Interviews with the artists are woven together into engaging conversations on art and commerce, the politics of art, abstraction, and growing up and growing old as an artist in America.  These conversations are interspersed with provocative film-essays on art, art history, politics, and race, and with visually dynamic jazz-montage sequences that present tantalizing glimpses of the artists' work. Featuring artists Betty Blayton, Edward Clark, Melvin Edwards, Sam Gilliam, Alvin Loving, Joe Overstreet, Howardena Pindell, John T. Scott and Jack Whitten. Produced and directed by Dirk Eitzen, Franklin and Marshall College ( 2006).  Available for $20.

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  • Epic Image: Homer's Odyssey, Interpreted by the Princeton Artist's Alliance
  •  An artists' collective reading of a new translation of an ancient epic. "Great literary works speak differently to each reader, and this collection of interpretations invites its audience to contemplate a range of responses to Homer's Odyssey."  Introduction written by Ann Steiner.  28 page full color catalog available for $5.

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  • Dancing on Embers: Cultural Heritage in Contemporary Bulgarian Art
  • Essays by Amelia Rauser, Malvina Rousseva, Liliana Milkova, Kathryn Waggener explore cultural heritage in contemporary Bulgarian Art. 24 page full color catalog available for $5.

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  • Frank Bowling: 4 Decades with Color
  • "My art is rule based; that does not mean individual pictures are rules governed.  Each work must operate on its own as a singular piece driven by its own internal logic.  Even while there might be related items, since it is my practice to work on several areas at the same time.  Color in my pictures ends up being intuitive and not calculated or measured..."  -Frank Bowling-

    15 page full color catalog available for $5.

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  • Fraktur: A Selective Guide to the Franklin and Marshall Fraktur Collection
  • Essays by Carol E. Fail, Curtis C. Bentzel and Robert G. Mickey. Photography by John P. Herr. "The Celebration of Franklin and Marshall's Bicentennial provides an especially appropriate occasion for the display of Fraktur from the College's Collections.  The exhibition and this publication reflect an imporant aspect of the Pennsylvania German traditions from which the College originated and grew..." -Carol Fail, Curator Emerita-

    30 page full color catalog available for $15.00