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Mellon Fellowship


In April 2010 the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded the College a $500,000 grant to help solidify the Phillips Museum of Art's connection to the College's academic program and to increase student and faculty use of the museum's resources. The grant will dramatically enhance the museum's support of the College's educational objectives.

Mellon's support will enable the College to pursue a series of objectives over a four-year period, including upgrading the current curatorial position from half-time to full-time, providing for the establishment of interdisciplinary visiting artist/faculty/postdoctoral fellowships and facilitating two museum-focused pre-baccalaureate positions and a post-baccalaureate internship annually.

To complement the grant, the College will fund annual faculty summer seminars to introduce faculty from all areas of the College to the valuable ways in which the Museum can support innovative teaching and high-quality student-faculty research.

The grant will also benefit the College's efforts to seek accreditation of the Phillips Museum by the American Association of Museums and constitutes a major step toward realizing the goal of Trustee Emeritus Tom Phillips '54 and Ginny Phillips to create a first-class museum on the Franklin & Marshall campus.