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Mission Statement

The Purpose of the Philosophy Club is to facilitate philosophical discourse in an informal, extracurricular environment.  While this may take many forms, the philosophy club is committed to holding organized discussions/debates on relevant philosophical issues and to engaging in the larger philosophical community.  This may mean that we discuss a relevant philosophical article, organize a trip to a talk or conference nearby, or that we organize a film viewing of a movie that has philosophical merit.

Schedule of Events - Fall 2011

9/20 – Discussion of “What Game Would You Rather Play?”

9/22 – Discussion on Dennett's “Where am I?” (pdf available)

10/4 – Short viewing and subsequent discussion of Stephen Wolfram “Computing a theory of Everything”

10/9 – Film viewing of Memento. 3:00pm (meet at LSP258).

10/11 – discussion of film (reading to be determined)

Fall Break

10/25 – Susan Wolf, “Moral Saints”

11/1 – Discussion (topic to be determined)

11/8 – Reading (to be determined)

11/15 – Topic to be determined.

Thanksgiving Break

11/29 – Club Officer Elections.  Discussion topic to be determined.

12/6 – Background for Common hour this week (11/8)

12/8 – Common Hour Discussion: “The Human-Environment System” Tony Chemero.

Want to Join the Philosophy Club? 

Contact any officer or email us at

 Club Officers:

  • '13-President
  • '13- Vice President
  • Nikolas Economy '13- Treasurer
  • '15- Secretary

Faculty Advisor: