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Recent Honors Projects in Philosophy

  • "Confident Blame: Justifying Judgments of Culpability," Allison Massof
  • "A World Without Persons," Joseph Kamp
  • "Control, Beliefs, and Moral Responsibility," Corinne McCarthy
  • "Fate, Joy, and the Beauty of the Absurd," Timothy Stoll
  • "Persistence of Objects Through Time-Travel," David Taylor
  • "Moral Epistemological Argument for the Existence of God," Bradley Eagle
  • "Evolutionary Psychology of Religion," Andrew Goldberg
  • "Contextualism: An Alternative Solution to the Problems of Vagueness," Brian Costello
  • "Omission and Moral Responsibility," Bryan Pilkington
  • "The Ideality of Jesus: In Defense of His Moral Unsurpassability," Ashton Sperry
  • "The Light of Reason," Michelle Jenkins
  • "The Ontology of Species"
  • "Is It Rational to Fear Death?"
  • "Character and Friendship in Aristotle"