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Student Research

In recent years, many students have undertaken significant research with Philosophy faculty. These include:

2011: Daniel Kaplan ('12), "Joint Caring about Truth" (with Bennett Helm).

2011: Allison Massof ('11), "Confident Blame: Justifying Judgments of Culpability"

2009: Kathryn Kutz ('10), "Truth, Emotion, and Shared Commitment" (with Bennett Helm).

2009: Corinne McCarthy, "Control, Beliefs, and Moral Responsibility"

2009: Joseph Kamp ('09), "A World Without Persons"

2006: David Taylor ('07), "Divine Hiddenness" (with Michael Murray). (Profile of Taylor's work.)

2005: Andrew Goldberg ('06), "Evolutionary Psychology of Religion" (with Michael Murray).

2004: Ashton Sperry ('05), "Vaugeness" (with Glenn Ross).

2003: Neal Swisher ('05), "Connectionist Learning On-Board a Mobile Robot" (with Bennett Helm)

2002: Sarah Berson ('03), "Theodicy and Animal Suffering" (with Michael Murray and Glenn Ross); co-authored paper presented at the Eastern Regional Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers, November, 2002

2001: Ali Oduncu ('02), "Omissions and Self-Deception" (with Michael Murray)

2000: Alexandra Markovic ('01) and Yaroslava Babych ('01), "Moods as a Sense of Priorities" (with Bennett Helm); co-authored paper presented at Mid-South Philosophy Conference, Fall, 2001

Current Research 

  • Dan Kaplan Research Fair

Dan Kaplan '12 presenting his project "Objectivity, Rule-Following, and Joint Commitment" at this year's research fair.