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  • Phyllis A. Leber

    Dr. E. Paul and Frances H. Reiff Professor of Chemistry
    Office: HAC414


    B.S. Albright College, 1976
    Ph.D. University of New Mexico, 1981

    Research Interests

    Our research group has been investigating substituent effects on and stereochemical outcomes of the [1,3] sigmatropic rearrangement of bicyclic and tricyclic vinylcyclobutanes. The value of these studies is to enhance our understanding of bond-breaking processes, to probe the fundamental nature of diradical intermediates, and to conduct experimental tests of theoretical and computational predictions.

    Research Collaboration
    - With John Baldwin, Syracuse University


    2001 - Present

    Student coauthor bold.

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    Course Information

    Dr. Phyllis Leber teaches the following courses:
        Chem 111/112 - General Chemistry I and II
        Chem 211/212 - Organic Chemistry I and II