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2008-2009 Colloquia

Unless otherwise noted, all talks take place at 4:30 p.m. in Hackman 218.

Fri Sep 26  

F&M Autumn Research Fair
Location: Barshinger Life Sciences Building
Time: 12:30-4:30 p.m.

Thu Nov 13

Szabolcs Marka - Columbia University
Title: "Multimessenger Astrophysics and Gravitational Waves: An Experimenter's Point of View"

Tue Dec 2

Antonia Chimonidou - University of Texas at Austin
Title: "Positive Reflections on Negative Refraction"

Thu Dec 11

Sa-Han Jang - University of Delaware
Title: "Brownian Motion"

Thu Jan 22

Delphine Perrodin - University of Arizona
Title: "Using NRGR to Model Gravitational Radiation"

Thu Feb 26

Bartlomiej Czech - University of Pennsylvania
Title: "Black Hole Entropy for Undergraduates"

Thu Mar 5

Matthew Truch - University of Pennsylvania
Title: "BLAST: The Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope"

Thu Mar 26

Bob Johnson - University of Pennsylvania
Title: "Materials at the Nano-Bio Interface: DNA-Carbon Nanotube Hybrids"

Mon Apr 13

Helen Caines - Yale University and Brookhaven National Lab
Title: "Creating Quark Soup"

Sat Apr 18

CPC Astronomers Meeting
Location: Dickinson College, Rector Science Building, Tome Hall
Time: 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Mon Apr 20

Larry Krumenaker - University of Georgia
Title: "This Baby Star Has a Pulse!"

Tue Apr 28

Peter Allen - Penn State University
Title: "Star Formation at Small Extremes: The Importance of Ultracool Companions"

Fri May 1

Astronomy Open House for McCaskey High School
Location: Hackman Fourth Floor
Time: Evening