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James Dormer '12

I am researching time-resolved terahertz (THz) spectroscopy. I generate the THz by illuminating a low-temperature grown gallium arsenide (LT-GaAs) semiconductor with 780 nm light. The system will be used to study the behavior and characteristics of materials in both optically excited and unexcited states. A comparison of these two states can be used to see how properties in the material have changed.

I have really enjoyed my time working with Professor Gagnon in his research lab on my project. It's a great way to experience physics that you would never see in a classroom.

James is enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Medical Physics

The in-depth investigation of a particular phenomenon is a valuable experience in preparation for future endeavors, either in graduate school or in industry. Students are encourgaged to participate in independent research or specialized projects in their areas of interest.