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Summer Internship: Claire Gilpin '12

  • Physics Research

This past summer I had the opportunity to intern at ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, as part of the ASTRON/JIVE International Summer School.

I spent eleven weeks working with members of the pulsar team to determine the feasibility of a very low frequency (~30MHz) all-sky survey with the ultimate goal of searching for pulsars and fast transients.  I worked to design a pilot project, now called LoMASS, for LOFAR Meridian All-Sky Survey, which uses LOFAR, a low frequency array with a core station located in Exloo, Netherlands.  Observations for the project are made along the meridian, where a maximum in sensitivity can be achieved.  Presently, the project is intest observation phase and we hope it will produce exciting new results.

Claire is now enrolled at the University of Maine in the Department of Physics

Summer research opportunies are offered by a variety of institutions and organizations. Students are encouraged to check these websites, explore others online, and to contact organizations directly. 

The in-depth investigation of a particular phenomenon is a valuable experience in preparation for future endeavors, either in graduate school or in industry. Students are encourgaged to participate in independent research or specialized projects in their areas of interest.