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Honors Thesis Titles

A Study of Oxide Protection on Silicon as a Function of Temperature and Steam Pressure in Conjunction with Reliability of P-N Devices

A Study of the Properties of a Triple Layer Antimony Trisulphide Photoconductor for Use in a Vidicon

A Study of Thermionic Emission from Matrix Cathodes on Different Nickel Alloy Substrates

A Study of Thin Films of Antimony Trisulfide Evaporated at Pressures in the Range 80-1000 Microns

A Technique for Measuring the Secondary Emission Characteristics of Insulating Films

A Variational Method for the Dirac Equation

Acoustic Impedence of a Perforated, Porous, Rigid Material with a Separate Impervious Membrane

Acoustic Microscopy Using 4He

Acoustical Source Determination by Holographic Techniques

An Application of Geodetic Precession in Astronomy

An Application of Non Relatavistic Quantum Electrodynamics to the Lamb Shift

An Electron Optics Study of the Two Concentric Spheres Model of an Image Tube with a Pierced Anode

An Examination of the Motion of Bacteria Using Light Scattering Techniques

An Inquiry inti the Spectra of the Sextic Anharmonic Oscillator

An Investigation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and the Experimental Determination of the Proton Magnetic Moment

Analysis of the Schwarzchild Singularity

Application of the Pulse Superposition Technique for Determining the Velocity of Sound in Indium

Applications of Optical Sum Rules to Reflectivity and Defects in Insulators

Approximate Ground State Energies for the Ising Heisenberg Model

Beam Landing in Magnetically Deflected and Focused Television Camera Tubes

Calculation of Rotational and Translational Temperatures of Gas Phase Methyl Flouride From Infrared Spectra Taken at Cryogenic Temperatures

Calculation of the O(Alpha^2) Contribution to the Decay Rate of Orthopositronium Arising from the Square of the One Loop Corrections due to the Decay Amplitude

Calculation of the Positronium Hyperfine Structure at Order Alpha-6

Calculation of the Reduced Schrodinger-Coulomb Green’s Function for the n=2 Excited State of the Hydrogenic System

Calculations for Minimizing Astigmatism in a Double Passed “White Type” Cell

Cathode Quality Factor

Ceramic to Metal Seals Interface Analysis and Concepts of Bonding with Application to a 1-kilowatt Electron Tube

Classical Celestial Mechanics

Classical Dynamics of a Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Wave Packet

Complex Shear Modulus of Polymer at Subaudio Frequencies

Computational Methods in Kirchoff Scalar Diffraction Theory

Computer Assisted Analysis of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Polymers

Computer Automation of the Sixteen Inch Telescope at Grundy Observatory

Computer Controlled Impedence Measurements for Use in Studying the Electrical Conductivity of Crystals

Computer Generated Holograms: Use of Fresnel Equations and the Fourier Transform

Computer Generated Solutions to the Exact Quantum Mechanical Barrier Penetration Problem

Computer Generated Study of Nuclear Potential Wells

Computer-Generated Holography

Control of Mechanical Motion by Visual Information

Corrections to the Schrodinger Equation for a Two Body Problem in a Coulomb Potential

Deionization Time Test Equipment

Design of an Apparatus for the Ultrasonic Determination of Elastic Constants

Detecting Black Hole Binaries in globular Clusters

Determination of the Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion of Sodium Chloride at Elevated Temperatures

Determination of the Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion of Potassium Chloride from 25C to theMelting Point

Development of a Recording Interference Dilatometer for Thermal Expansion Measurements

Development of Methods for the Observation and Analysis of Lunar Occultations

Diffraction of Laser Light by Ultrasonic Sounc

Diffusion of Magnesium in Pure Nickel Substrate and its Effects on Thermionic Emission from Oxide Coated Cathodes

Eccentric Power Loss

Effects of Electrical Conditioning, Gas Conditioning, and Heat Conditioning on Field Emission, Cathode Surfaces, and Electrical Breakdown

Electron Emission Phenomena-Physics 107

Electronic Analysis of Motion

Energy Conversion in an Acoustic Absorber

Energy Levels of the Hydrogen Atom in an Electric Field

Energy Transmittance of Polymers in the Infrared Region

Evaluation of Filament Structures for High Power Amplifier Tubes

Evaluation of the Electron Optics of the RCA 4641 Tetrode

Exact Solutions of the Einstein Vacuum Field Equations with Whole Cylindrical Symmetry

Examining the Schwarzschild Solution

Fast Fourier Transform Analysis

Fast Fourier Transform Spectrtum Analyzer (Applications)

Ferroelectric-Type Properties in Tungsten Trioxide

Field Effects on Domain Boundaries of Tungsten Trioxide

Filtering Techniques in Digital Signal Processing

Generating Static Electrovac Solutions in General Relativity

Growth and Orientation of Single Cadmium Crystals

Growth of Cadmium Crystals

High-Resolution Drect-Write Output Techniques for Computer-Generated Holograms

Holographic Interferometry

Hysterisis in Cadmium Selenide

Investigation of Electron Focusing and Resolution in Aperture Mask Type Color Kinescopes

Investigation of Heat Transfer Versus Emission Characteristics of Kinescopes

Investigation of the Absorbtion of Beta Rays

Investigation of the RCA Cataphoretic Coating Process and its Effects on Kinescope Heater Distortion (SAG)

Ionic Conductivity, and Transient Conductivity due to Dislocation of Motion in Potassium Chloride

Low Impedence Deflection for Kinescopes

Magnetic Effects of Type 1 Superconductors

Magnetic Susceptibility: The Construction of an AC Magnetometer

Magnetization and Magnetostriction in Superconductors

Measurements of Radiation From Air Particlulates

Measurements of Self- and Foreign-Gas Broadening Coeficcients of Methyl FlourideUsing a Tunable Diode Laser System

Methods for Calculating Upper-bounds for the Ground State Energy of the Double Well Anharmonic Oscillator

Microcomputer Assisted Calculation of a Contribution to the Positronium Hyperfine Splitting

Microwave Circuit Design as Applied to a Power Generator for Electronic Cooking

Migration of Injected Color Centers in KCl

Models in Science (Philosophy Honors)

Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron and Gamma Ray Energy Loss Spectrum in Proportional Counters

Mossbauer Effect in Iron-57

Nonlinear Analysis of a Large Signal, High Frequency Transistor

Optical Amplification

Optical Pumping in a Controlled Magnetic Environment

Optical Pumping in Rubidium Vapor

Order-alpha Radiative Correction to the Rate for Parapositronium Decay to Four Photons

Pattern Recognition: The Template Model vs. The Feature Model and The Porbabilistic View vs. The Fuzzy View

Performance Characteristics of the Image Orthicon Pick Up Tube

Performance of Plastic Screw Thread Attachments

Phase Space Quqntum Mechanics

Photoelectric Photometry and Starspot Modeling of Late-type Variable Stars

Physics Problems Involved in the Design of Super Power Hard Tube Modulators

Poisson’s Ratio by the Poker Chip Method

Precision Measurement of the Long-Term Stability of Permanent Magnets

Preliminary Investigation of Resistance Changes in Plant Leaves with Strobe Illumination and Ambient DC Fields

Programming the KIM-1 System

Progress Report on the Measurement of the Molar Specific Heat Ratio of Gases

Properties and Applications of Hyperbolic Four-vectors

Pulse Amplifier for Nuclear Physics Investigations Development & Testing

Pulse Code Modulation Systems

Qed Methods in Calculating the Decay Rate of Parapositronium

Relationships Between Color Kinescope Convergence Characteristics and Power-line Voltages

Sensitivities of Oscillators at Liquid Helium Temperatures

Sensor-Based Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Single Pion Momentum Spectrum for Neutron Deuteron Interactions

Slection in the Desired Mode in Resonant Electromagnetic Cavities for VHF and UHF

Soil Moisture Evaporation

Some Comparison Studies Between Standard and Internally Coated Cathodes

Structural, Magnetic, and Electrical Properties of SrRuO3 System with Mg Impurities

Superconductors, Preparation, Resistivity, and Oxygen Content

Temperature Measurement and Control in Radiant Heating

The Adaptation of the Measurement of Orthopositronium Decay Rate in Various Gases to the Undergraduate Laboratory

The Calcullation of the Order Alpha Squared Electron Mass and Wave Function Renormalization

The Design of a Herriot Cell

The Determination of the Optimum Drying Conditions in Convection Ovens

The Development and Testing of Nuclear Counting Circuits

The Development of a Computer Interfaced Anthropomorphic Hand

The Development of a High Perveance Tetrode

The Development of a Method of Testing Power Transformers

The Effect of Ambient Lighting on the Reliability of Thermoluminescent Dosimeters: A Simulation of Personnel and Field Monitoring Conditions

The Effect of Ball Milling on the Trapping Levels in Silver Activated Zinc Sulfide Phosphor

The Effect of Barium Halides on Oxide Coated Cathodes

The Effect of Dielectric Loading on the Radiation Characteristics of a Laterally Displaced Slot in the Broad Wall of a Rectangular Waveguide

The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Magnetic Properties and Crystal Structure of CoPt

The Effect of Parameter Variations upon Characteristics of a Traveling Wave Tube

The Effects of Earth’s Magnetic Field upon Register in Tri-color Shadow Mask Kinescopes

The Electron Optics of a High Resolution, Low Current Gun

The Energy Levels of the Hydrogen Atom in a Magnetic Field

The Equivalence of Wave and Matrix Mechanics

The Failure Modes of Transistors Due to Loas Sensitivity

The Friction and Wear Properties of Diamond-like Carbon Films

The Investigation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and its Application to the Calibration of an Electromagnet

The Measurement of the Polarization of Protons from Deuteron Stripping Reactions

The Relative Effects of Magnetic Field Strength and Gradient On the Growth of Serratia Marcescens Cultules

The Schwarschild and Kerr Solutions in General Relativity

The SCR for Overload and Short Circuit Prevention in High Voltage Solid State Power Supplies

The Sound Absorptivity of Acoustical Materials as Influenced by Their Spacing from a Reflective Backing Surface

The Temperature Coefficient of Electrical Resistance of Constantan Foil as a Function of Plastic Deformation and Thermal Treatment

The Transmission and Reflection by a Finite Periodic Potential

The Vacuum Polarization Corrections to the Decay Rate of Orthopositronium and Parapositronium

Thermal Expansion of Cadmium and Sodium Iodide and Elevated Temperatures

Tunable Diod Laser Molecular Spectroscopy: Frequency Stabilization Using a Spherical Fabry-Perot Interferometer

Two Equivalent Thermal Resistance Models for a Video Amplifier Semiconductor Integrated Circuit

X-Ray Calibration and the Evaluation of a Silicon Vidicon as an X-Ray Imaging Device