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The Rawnsley Science Prize for Excellence in Science

The criterion for the award is:

The senior who, by his/her actions and attitude while a student in the sciences, indicates that he/she will use the scientific knowledge he/she has gained at Franklin and Marshall to best advantage.

The Rawnsley Prize is for excellence in science in general, and not in a particular discipline. Therefore it is awarded to the student who is most appropriate from the science departments which include biology, chemistry, geology, physics and astronomy and psychology. The department chairs from these departments determine who receives this prize.


2010  Dominik Rastawicki (Physics & Astronomy)

2009 Anne T. Gillies (Chemistry)

2008 Rebecca Ellen Sobel (Physics and Mathematics), and Duy Nguyen (Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology)

2007 Peter O. Ankomah (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), and Emily J. Ward (Biological Foundations of Behavior, Neuroscience)

2006 David C. Powers (Chemistry)

2005 Margaret S. Mitter (Physics)

2004 Caitlyn Owens, Sarah Gallagher (Biology and Chemistry)

2003 Jeremy S. Evans (Chemistry)

2002 Keith Hamilton, Andrei Cimpian (Chemistry and Psychology)

2001 Kristin E. Price (Chemistry)

2000 Jacob Bleacher (Geosciences) and Justin Kunkle  (Biology)

1999 Nadia Chaudhri   BFN

1998 Inna Zaslavsky (Psychology)

1997 Jennifer L. Powers  (BFN)

1996 Jeffrey G. Varnes (Chemistry)

1995 Qing He   (Chemistry)

1994 Vanja Dunjko (Physics)

1993 Koenraad E. Schalm (Physics)

1992 Dobromir D. Velkov (Physics)

1991 Hillary J. Eppley (Chemistry)

1990 Bastiaan Driehuys (Physics)

1989 Jullie C. Otter (Chemistry)

1988 Elizabeth A. Eide (Geosciences)

1987 Marjorie S. Samples (Chemistry)

1986 David J. Zhu (Physics)

1985 John A. Halpin (Physics)

1984 Christopher D. Corsico (Chemistry)

1983 Tracy H. Heibeck   (Psychology)

 1982 Randall L. Mills  (Chemistry)

1981 Eric S. Holmboe  (Chemistry)

1980 Frederic A. Diegel (Geosciences)

1979 John I. Thackara (Physics)

1978 Clifford A. Pickover (Biology)

1977 Hyong Un (Biology)

1976 Barbara A. Bimber (Physics)

1975 Judith A. Rosen (Biology)

1974 Mare L.Golden (Biology)

1973 Judith M. White (Chemistry)

1972 Alan S. Keller  (Chemistry)

1971 Frederick Goldberg  (Chemistry)

1970 Aaron S. Fink (Biology)

1969 Ira S. Fischler (Psychology)

1968 David J. Burr (Physics)

1967 John G. Mengel, Jr. (Physics)

1966 Lawrence S. Zawatzky (Biology)

1965 George A. Kaysen (Chemistry)

1964 None

1963 Nicholas G. Herr (Biology)

1962 Charles J. Buchenauer (Physics)

1961 William H. Scott (Geosciences)