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The Experience

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What follows are brief statements by former preceptors about their experiences.

"I learned a lot about the classroom dynamic during this experience. I loved communicating with my professor in a different way than if I was his student. I felt as though he appreciated my input for his class, and that my role was important, especially with easing the first years into college life. I cannot stress enough the importance of having the preceptor class. The support of my peers and their advice was invaluable. I am so thankful that the lines of communication between preceptors in the class were open, and that everyone was so willing to help each other."
-- Kathleen Hubbert '10

"I enjoyed the chance to be more than just a student. I feel like I really learned how to better work with people through my interaction with the students. Each student had a different learning style and different problem and working with them allowed me to learn how to respond to everyone's needs. Precepting really taught me how to understand my students needs and find the best way to help them."
-- Elizabeth Bursick '10

"It was amazing to see the inner workings of teaching and grading and to actually make a difference in a class. Precepting gave me confidence and helped me better approach my own classroom experiences. I really loved working with the students and will really miss them all!"
-- Judith Stapleton '12

"The experience of being a preceptor greatly improved my own writing. Because I spend so much time helping students correct their work, the advice I give to them is constantly in my head when I'm writing my own. When I write now I feel like the finished product is more cohesive, and I simply feel more confident."
-- Sarah Medeiros '11

"I thoroughly enjoyed my precepting experience this semester. Its really interesting looking back on where some of them were the first few weeks of class, and now reading their second papers of the semester and realizing how so many of them shocked me. I also really enjoyed discussing each paper one by one with [the professor] and seeing where we agreed and disagreed on grades. Its truly unique from anything I've experienced at F&M and I've learned a lot from it."
-- Lauren Conheeney '10

"I feel that I have learned a great deal about how to interact with students and encourage them to grow as thinkers while teaching them material. It has truly solidified for me the notion that asking questions is the best way to learn and to teach. I have also improved in my ability to edit papers and help construct papers. Not only has this served in my precepting experience, but also in my own schoolwork, as it has helped me become even more aware of good and bad writing. I have also begun to find my own voice in leading discussions and generating ideas as a result of this experience and I hope to continue doing so after precepting."
-- Allison Massof '11