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Medical Emergencies

If someone becomes ill or is injured and requires immediate assistance:
  • Call Public Safety at 717-291-3939 or dial 911
  • Provide detailed information on the location of the ill or injured person.
  • Unless trained, do not attempt to render any first aid before professional assistance arrives
  • Do not attempt to move a person who has fallen and appears to be in pain
  • Attempt to obtain the following information from the ill or injured person:
    • Name
    • Description of symptoms
    • Allergies
    • Medications
    • Major medical history (heart condition, asthma, diabetes, etc.).
  • Remain at the scene to provide information to emergency personnel
  • If this is a workplace injury, contact Human Resources immediately.

Basic First Aid and CPR training is available to all Franklin & Marshall College students, faculty, and staff at no cost.  Classes are held throughout the year in the Public Safety Office.  We encourage you to participate in these training sessions.  Contact Public Safety at 717-291-3939 to schedule a training session.