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Office of College Grants

The Office of College Grants (OCG) is located in the Buchanan House and exists to support the scholarly and creative pursuits of faculty, students, and staff and the strategic priorities of the institution.

The OCG provides the following pre-award services:

  • Interpreting guidelines for grant proposals
  • Conceptualizing and preparing grant and fellowship proposals
  • Assisting with budget development
  • Providing support for IRB, IACUC, and COG committees
  • Functioning as a liaison to administrative departments
  • Facilitating grant-related internal and external collaborations
  • Collegial advice on seeking all types of funding
  • Administering internal research funds

For more information about:

  1. external grant and fellowship support for faculty
  2. internal funding support opportunities for faculty:
  1. internal funding support opportunities for students
  2. research involving human subjects or vertebrate animals 


Contact any of the individuals listed below:

Associate Dean of the Faculty, 717-291-4283

Amy Cuhel-Schuckers, Director of Faculty Grants, 717-358-4697

Molly Dellinger, Grants Management Coordinator, 717-358-4517

Kathy Hertzler, Administrative Assistant for College Grants, 717-291-3982


Visit the Office of College Grants website for more information