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Classroom Assessment Techniques

Here you will find some examples of classroom assessment techniques.  These are methods for gathering information while a course is going on, to enable the instructor to gauge where her/his students “are”.  As opposed to an exam or quiz, they are not formally evaluated; thus, they typically take much less time to read, and they are analyzed quite differently.

The techniques are drawn from Angelo and Cross' book entitled Classroom Assessment Techniques. Below you will find PDFs of several chapters from this book. One is an overview, and the others are specific examples of CATs (as they call them).   These certainly do not exhaust the universe of classroom assessment techniques, but they are a good starting point.   Email if you would like to browse through an actual copy of the text.

For some other examples of CATs that our colleagues are using, please see the Lunches on Learning site (session on Classroom Assessment). If you have any other examples or useful sources, please contact , so we can post them on this site for sharing.

Chapter Two: Focused Listing

Chapter Three: Misconception/Preconception Check

Chapter Five: Twelve Examples of Successful Projects

Chapter Six: Minute Paper

Chapter Seven: Muddiest Point

Chapter Thirteen: One-Sentence Summary

Chapter Nineteen: Problem Recognition Tasks