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Connections Workshops

This year, the Faculty Center and the Connections Program Committee are presenting a series of workshops designed to help the faculty prepare to teach Connections 1 and Connections 2 seminars.   Most focus on writing and assignments; all are organized as panel presentation, in which faculty with experience in teaching similar classes present their ideas with time for discussion.   Workshops are presented twice, to allow maximum opportunity for faculty participation.    These workshops are open to everyone who is teaching (or considering teaching) a Connections 1 or 2 seminar.   Handouts distributed at the workshops will be posted here.

Two workshops were presented in Fall 2013:  “Teaching Writing in Connections 1 Courses”, and “Writing Assignments in Connections I courses”.     Brief descriptions of each, including faculty presenters and links to the handouts distributed, are here.

Three workshops will be presented in the Spring of 2014.   Each will be presented twice;  exact dates and times, and the names of the presenters, will be announced shortly.  Approximate dates are noted below.

Common Issues With Student Writing:  A Discussion with the Writing Center Tutors.    Late  January/early February.

Brainstorming Ideas for Connections 2 Courses.   Mid-late February.

Research Assignments in Connections 2 Courses.  Mid-March