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    • december 12 2013
    • British Gay Rights Movement
    • january 15 2014

Previous Workshops

1. Teaching Writing in Connections I Courses.  Facilitated by Stephen Cooper, Religious Studies; presented on November 5th and 11th.

Assignment: Paraphrase: From Poetry to Prose, by Stephen Cooper, Religious Studies

Assignment: Strategies for Teaching Rewriting, by Misty Bastian, Anthropology

Assignment: Practice Anaylsis, Argument, Quotation, Citation, by Lee Franklin, Philosophy

Assignment: Poetry, Physics, and Human Values, by Andrea Loemmen, Physics and Astronomy and Sands Hall, English.


2. Writing Assigments in Connections I Courses. Facilitated by Ed Fenlon, Chemistry; presented on November 19th and 20th.

Assignment: Epistolary Writing, by Ed Fenlon, Chemistry.

Assignment: Writing Briefs, by Alison Kibler, American Studies and Women and Gender Studies. 

Assignment: Blog Writing, Science, by Phyllis Leber, Chemistry.

Assignment: Description/Observation, Formal Analysis, by Amelia Rauser, Art.

Assignment: Journal Writing, by Matt Butterfield, Music. 

Assignment: Develop This! Sequential Writing Assigments, by Tamara Goeglein, English.

Assignment: Blog Writing, Social Science, by Jerome Hodos, Sociology.