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Information About Graduate School in Psychology

Finding and applying to graduate programs:
The American Psychological Association's tips on getting into graduate school.  Also includes guidelines for accepting offers from graduate programs.
Excerpt from the Rider University student handbook, with a summary of the graduate school application process and explanations of different types of graduate programs.                                   Although written for Biology-oriented folks, this site by Spencer Hall at Indiana University at Bloomington has a great deal of general information about graduate school, post-docs, and jobs. 
Homepage for the Graduate Record Examinations.  Free practice exams are available.

Writing a personal statement for graduate applications:

Careers in Psychology

General information

Animal Behavior

These sites are more specific to Animal Behavior - but the ABS website is really good:                                                                                    

The education section contains various guides to programs in animal behavior.


For primate info, job listings, career guides, etc., the best bet is the primate info network:

Clinical/counseling psychology

Social work

Industrial/Organizational psychology
The Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
GTP Graduate training programs in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

General Psychology
Homepage for the American Psychological Society.
Homepage for the American Psychological Association.

Personality Psychology
Homepage for the Society on Personality and Social Psychology. Includes useful links to related organizations, Psychology journals, and departments of Psychology, as well as resources for teaching and advising.
An excellent general source for information in Personality Psychology.

APA style guide
Useful site for understanding and using the APA Publication Manual.

Archives for Psychological Data
The Murray Center contains over 270 datasets which can be accessed after registering on the site.
Archives of the history of Psychology
Images from the functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Center at Dartmouth College, operated by Michael Gazzaniga et al.
National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging, maintained by the Inter-University Consortium for political and Social Research at the University of Michigan.
Database of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. It contains data from a longitudinal, school-based survey of the social context, personal decisions, and health-related behaviors of adolescents in grades 7-12, as well as associated personal and personality variables for the 90,000+ respondents.

Grant Information
Homepage for the National Science Foundation.
Homepage for the National Institutes of Health.
Homepage for the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). This national organization helps to strengthen the research programs of faculty in predominantly undergraduate institutions (PUIs) and promotes research by undergraduate students of the natural and social sciences, as well as of mathematics. The CUR believes that education is best served by faculty-student collaborative research combined with investigative teaching strategies. The CUR generates awareness and national support for undergraduate research.

Page on the F&M site with links to sites on internal and external grants for students and faculty. A good source.


Free online Psychology courses