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Courses Offered
Public Policy

The following courses are offered in support of the Public Policy curriculum:

384. Urban Education. (S) Spring 2014
A community-based learning course analyzing issues facing urban schools from a sociological perspective, with particular attention to the role of race, class and gender at both the macro and micro levels. Other topics include teachers, schools as organizations, the social psychological perspective on learning, the politics of curricula and instruction, accountability and other contemporary reform movements. Students are expected to integrate and apply their knowledge through work in a local school. Prerequisite: SOC 100. Same as SOC 384. McClelland
388. Public Health Research: Pregnancy Outcomes in American Women. (S) Spring 2014
This interdisciplinary seminar will explore women’s health and pregnancy outcome through the lenses of both science and social analysis. In addition to reading and discussion on influences on pregnancy outcomes, students will examine results of surveys of Amish women in Lancaster County, African American and Hispanic women in Lancaster City and women of child-bearing
age in central PA. This course is supported by funds from the PA Dept of Health. (Any course that includes methods of data analysis or permission.) Same as GOV/STS/WGS 388. Everett, Flaherty, Kibler, Miller, Yost


Asthma and Lead Poisoning.