Safety at F&M 

Safety is a shared responsiblity.  Understanding the importance of cooperation, education, and a police-citizen partnership makes our campus, as well as our local community, a safe and pleasant place to live.  The Franklin & Marshall College Department of Public Safety is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency.  

Accreditation is a progressive and time-proven way of helping law enforcement institutions in Pennsylvania evaluate and improve their overall performance.  New operating policies and procedures are created to ensure ongoing compliance with established state-wide accreditation standards.  Franklin & Marshall meets the highest standards of professionalism.  There are 134 professional standards and 184 sub-standards by which we are judged.

The Franklin & Marshall Department of Public Safety became the fourth state accredited institution of higher education law enforcement agency within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania when it received its accreditation award on April 11, 2011.

Working together we will make the Franklin & Marshall community a safe one for living and learning.  We welcome your comments and suggestions for making F&M an even safer environment. 

 What we do...

About Public Safety

The F&M Department of Public Safety works round the clock to maintain a safe atmosphere for faculty, staff, students and visitors.  We strive to focus our programs, practices and interactions on the needs of our diverse community, continually working to be responsive to their needs.

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Franklin & Marshall's own policies regarding public safety.  

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Safeguarding Services

Campus safety is a shared responsibility.  The men and women of the Department are committed to the highest standards of professionalism in maintaining a safe and secure environment.  Many programs and resources are available.

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Public Safety Compliance

Franklin & Marshall College must comply with the College and University Security Act of 1988.  Read about other reports and policies concerning campus security here.

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