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Campus Crime Prevention


The Franklin & Marshall College community rates campus police performance by response time to calls for service, officer/complaint interaction and satisfaction with the way the officer handles the call. More telling of the Public Safety Department's performance is increased or decreased crime trends. Since it is the goal of the Public Safety Department to decrease crime on campus, every and all available resources are used. The community may only notice the highly visible portion of these resources such as the officer on patrol. Another imperative area is crime prevention; reducing the opportunity for a crime to be committed. This is multi-faceted and includes security hardware (surveillance cameras, dead bolt locks, computer access systems), providing training, public speaking engagements and presentations to make the community aware of crime and what they can do to lessen the chances of becoming a victim.

Franklin & Marshall College's crime prevention programs are geared to faculty, staff and students to make everyone aware that crime does occur on campus. The Operation Identification Program is now available.

The student newspaper reports crimes that occur on campus and crime prevention tips in an effort to increase community awareness.

Throughout the year, a variety of programs are presented on such topics as rape prevention and self defense (RAD). Each time a crime does occur, an officer counsels the victim in the ways that the crime may have been prevented.

Crime Prevention at Franklin & Marshall College requires involvement for it to succeed. The ultimate goal of the Public Safety Department and the Crime Prevention Program is to provide a safe and secure environment for the students, faculty and staff at Franklin & Marshall College.


Your involvement is essential to the prevention of crime on Campus. Disinterest, opportunity, and complacency are the prime contributors to the success of crime. The burden of crime prevention rests not only with Public Safety, but also with each member of the Franklin & Marshall College community.

Public Safety cannot be everywhere at once and are dependent upon you to recognize and report incidents of suspicious and criminal activity. The extent of your cooperation will greatly influence Public Safety's effectiveness in combating crime. By reviewing the suggestions in this manual, you will be more aware of suspicious or criminal activity. Contacting Public Safety immediately upon observing this activity will assist in the community becoming a safer place.

If you have suggestions or would like an officer to speak at a meeting about Crime Prevention, please contact Officer Keely Johnston in the Public Safety Office at or 717-358-5805.

Please review the Campus Crime Prevention Brochure for more information on how you can stay safe.

Thank you for your interest.

  • Crime Prevention /Anonymous Tips
  • The Franklin & Marshall College Department of Public Safety appreciates your cooperation in the prevention of crime and needs your help in stopping crime from occuring. If you have personal knowledge or have heard of any crime that has occured on or off campus invlolving College Community Members, please fill out this form.