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Website Redesign

Commencing in the spring of 2013, Franklin & Marshall College is in the midst of an 18-month project to redesign its website. A college's website is the single most important vehicle for an institution presenting itself to the world, and the Franklin & Marshall website redesign aims to create a presence for the College that inspires, motivates and meets the needs of F&M's many constituencies, with a focus on the primary users of the site, prospective students.

F&M's current site is at the end of the typical life of a website, as changes in technology have established a best practice of refreshing a website or completing a wholesale redesign every two to four years (depending on existing functionality). The F&M website redesign was completed in 2009, based on an assessment of needs -- and available technology -- dating back now more than six years.

As the F&M community nears the end of a strategic planning process begun in early summer 2012, the College has an opportunity to ensure the F&M website reflects and supports the College's strategic priorities.

The College has convened a Website Redesign Working Group (WRWG) to guide the redesign of the website to improve its visual presentation, structure, content, navigation, functionality and capacity to evolve with changes in technology.


  • April 26, 2013: First meeting of the Website Resign Working Group; launch of redesign process.
  • Summer 2013: Complete audit of core site, development of RFP and selection of design firms.
  • Fall 2013: Design firm establishes timeline for community input, design, development/transfer of content, and user testing. Commences work.
  • Fall 2014: Complete redesign.