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Charge to the Working Group

Specific tasks for the Working Group

Franklin & Marshall College's current website is at the end of the typical life of a website, as changes in technology have established a best practice of refreshing a website or completing a wholesale redesign every two to four years (depending on existing functionality). The Website Redesign Working Group (WRWG) is charged with guiding the redesign of the Franklin & Marshall website to improve its visual presentation, structure, content, navigation, functionality and capacity to evolve with changes in technology.

The Working Group's principal work will focus on establishing parameters for the Website redesign. In keeping with best practice, the Working Group will not be charged with the actual redesign of the website, but instead will serve as an advisory group representing the needs of the institution to a design firm with expertise in this area. The WRWG will identify and select the design firm, and this firm will design the site working closely with the College's technical and Web content experts, professional staff in College Communications and Information Technology Services who will make up F&M's hands-­‐on Web Implementation Team. The Working Group will tasked with the following:

Perform a preliminary audit of the core website

Members of the WRWG will be expected to review the core pages of the F&M website in their academic or administrative areas, in addition to looking broadly at other areas across the site to:

  • Identify strengths of the website, including how it meets the needs of key constituencies.
  • Determine where improved functionality is required.
  • Identify outdated or confusing content.
  • Assess the current navigation and identify areas where navigation could be improved.
  • Explore areas where capacity could be increased to interface with instructional technology.
  • Explore areas for possible interface with Banner and other existing online systems.
  • Identify websites at other colleges and universities with desired features or functionality.


Develop redesign and process parameters to inform the development of a Request for Proposal

After conducting the audit, members of the WRWG will suggest goals of the redesign process and of the eventual website toward the development of a Request for Proposal. This should include:

  • Desired features of a process for including community feedback.
  • Desired functionality
  • Desired architecture and/or organization of content
  • Specifications for capacity to host social media, multimedia, database or other applications.


Participate in the identification and selection of a Web design firm.

This includes:

  • Reviewing a Request for Proposal to solicit interest from design firms, and making recommendations to finalize the RFP
  • Reviewing submitted RFP's to determine a set of finalists
  • Participating in interviews for finalists in the RFP process, and ranking selections


Advise and support the Web Design Implementation Team and the design firm on development and implementation of design

This may include:

  • Relaying feedback about the existing site from your office/department or other individuals
  • Participating in community input/feedback workshops or forums
  • Reviewing design templates and alternatives § Site testing

Resources for the Working Group