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Registration FAQ

Do I have a better chance of getting my first-choices if I enter my requests into myDiplomat on the first day?

While we don't advise waiting until the last minute, there is not an advantage to entering your choices early in the two-week advising period. Students' choices are held in a data file until the end of the period; the scheduling program will process all students' requests simultaneously after that time. We strongly advise, however, that you make an appointment with your adviser as soon as possible, as he or she may have limited availability.

What is my advising code?

Your advising code is a six-digit number, unique in each semester, which acts as your key to the pre-registration screens in myDiplomat.

How and where do I get the code?

You must obtain your code from your adviser-the Registrar's office will not be able to give you the code. The faculty believes it to be critical for each student to meet with his/her adviser during the pre-registration period to discuss progress toward the major and general education requirements, and any other academic matter.

How does the scheduling program determine whether I'm a sophomore, senior, etc.?

Students' class standing is determined by the number of earned credits on their transcript and the number of credits on the current semester's schedule. Students on off-campus study are considered to have four course credits on the current semester's schedule. Students with fewer than seven credits are first-years, those with seven through fourteen are sophomores, those with fifteen through twenty-two are juniors, those with twenty-three and more are seniors.

What if I'm on the borderline between two class years?

Students whose number of credits is on the border of the next class year, and who want to register for a class open to that class year, should contact Cathy Kauffman (

How do I register for a course listed as "permission only"?

To request a course that requires permission, contact the instructor of the course for a permission code. The code is a six-digit number that you will enter into the registration screens in myDiplomat.

How do I register for an Independent Study, Directed Reading, Tutorial or Internship-for-Credit?

Registration for these kinds of courses are handled in a separate process. You can pick up applications for them in the Registrar's office or on the Registrar's office web page. They should not be requested through the registration screens on myDiplomat.

What are pre-requisites?

If a course, CHM211 for example, has a pre-requisite of CHM112 listed in the Master Schedule or Catalog, it means that students will need to have mastered the material in CHM112 in order to be successful in CHM211. If a student feels that he/she has had alternate preparation for a course, the instructor may waive the pre-requisite.

Why can't I list ABC100 as an alternate choice, even though I was able to list it as my first primary choice?

The scheduling program will consider a student's choices beginning with Primary choice 1 and the alternates to the right of that choice. It will then move to Primary choice 2 and its alternates. If the scheduling program cannot place you in your first primary choice ABC100, which will have the highest priority among your choices, it will not be able to place you in the course if you list it as an alternate later.

If I really want four particular courses, should I list them over and over on the registration screen?

Repeating primary choices multiple times is not a good strategy. In fact, the registration screens will not allow you to repeat a primary choice after you've entered it once. If the scheduling program cannot place you in a primary choice the first time it's considered, it will not be able to place you in the course if listed as a later choice. This is because of the priority system; first primary choices and their alternates have the highest priority, second primaries and their alternates have the next-highest, etc.

What happens if I don't pre-register during the designated period?

We believe that the two-week period is adequate for all students to be able to meet with their advisers and to enter their course requests into myDiplomat. After the end of the period, a scheduling program will process students' requests and will assign courses based on the priorities set within the system. Students who didn't preregister by the deadline will not be included in this process; the first opportunity for these students to enroll in courses will be the second day of the drop/add period. The first day is reserved for those students who preregistered by the deadline and were not assigned a full schedule.