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Advanced Placement Credit

Franklin & Marshall College participates in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board.  A student who takes an Advanced Placement examination is given college credit if the subject matter of the Advanced Placement course and examination is comparable to that covered in an elementary course taught by a Franklin & Marshall department upon receipt of the student's official grade report sent directly from the College Board to Franklin & Marshall.

The following Franklin & Marshall course credits are currently awarded if a student achieves a test score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement subjects listed:

AP Subject Franklin & Marshall Course
Studio Art: General ART Elective
Studio Art: Drawing ART Elective
History of Art ART Elective
Biology BIO 179 (satisfies Natural Science with Lab)
Chemistry CHM 179 (will not satisfy Natural Science; consult with department for additional information)
Chinese CHN 401
Computer Science CPS 111
Economics (Macro) General Elective (if credit is awarded for both Macro and Micro, one credit is General Elective and one credit is ECO 100)
Economics (Micro) General Elective (if credit is awarded for both Macro and Micro, one credit is General Elective and one credit is ECO 100)
English Literature/Composition General Elective
English Language/Composition ENG 105
Environmental Science ENV 117 (or ENV 114, consult with department; 117 will not satisfy Natural Science)
Human Geography ENV Elective**
French FRN 202
German GER 202
American Government GOV 100
Comparative Government GOV 120
U.S. History HIS 238
European History HIS 221
World History HIS Elective
Italian ITA 202
Japanese JPN 301
Latin LAT 201
Math Calculus MAT 109
Math Statistics MAT 116
Music Listening/Literature MUS 101
Music Theory MUS 222
  Aural Subscore 4-5* MUS 224 (0.5 credit)
  Non-Aural Subsc 4* MUS 100
  Non-Aural Subsc 5* MUS 222
Physics B  PHY 101
Physics C: E&M PHY 112
Physics C: Mech. PHY 111
Psychology PSY 179**
Spanish Language SPA 221
Spanish Literature SPA 222

  *Subscores will be awarded credit only if overall score is below 4.

  **Will not satisfy Natural Science requirement

When a student is awarded credit and advanced placement, the fact, but no grade, is entered on the student's permanent record, and the number of courses required for graduation is reduced by the number of courses for which credit is given.  Such credit will satisfy a major or minor requirement if the course is listed in the Catalog as satisfying that requirement.  Whether a student is awarded credit for more than one semester's work in a single subject is determined by the department concerned.

These procedures do not permit the granting of two college credits for the same work (e.g., introductory calculus taken in high school and repeated at Franklin & Marshall).  If a student is officially enrolled at the end of the second week of classes for a course at Franklin & Marshall for which Advanced Placement credit has been awarded, the student forfeits the awarding of this credit.

There is no limit on the number of Advanced Placement course credits a student may receive, but these credits cannot count toward the 16 course credits that must be earned at Franklin & Marshall nor toward the 21 course credits that must be earned with standard grades.