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Final Examination Policies

* Final examinations are scheduled for up to three hours.
* Please note that, in accordance with a policy change implemented by EPC last year, any student scheduled for three examination periods in a row (whether over one or two calendar days) may request a make-up time for the second of the three examinations scheduled. Such requests require a two-week advance approval by the Registrar’s Office which verifies the situation and notifies the professor involved. In such cases, instructors are required to reschedule the final during any regular examination period mutually convenient to student and instructor. Faculty scheduled for final examinations in the evening period must honor approved requests.
* Unless students are scheduled for three consecutive examinations, they are expected to take all finals as scheduled. Instructors are not permitted to make individual arrangements or exceptions. College policy allows for such rescheduling only when students are faced with extenuating circumstances, such as a scheduled medical procedure or memorial service. Requests based simply on travel arrangements are not approved.
* If a student believes he/she is facing extenuating circumstances, he/she should come to the Registrar's Office to pick up a petition form and to schedule an appointment with the Assistant Registrar. When the student returns for that appointment, the completed petition, along with documentation to support the request, should be presented. This examination must be taken no later than two days before the official date for end-of-semester grades.
* Students with conflicts due to the scheduling of exams during times of religious observance should contact Laura Medvic, Assistant Registrar, who will help them make special arrangements with professors.
* Instructors may not reschedule a final for an entire class without prior approval of the Assistant Registrar. If a student has a final rescheduled against his or her will, this fact should be reported to the Assistant Registrar.
* Prior to the final exam period, there are four reading days during which no assignment/paper/project due dates or sessions that require attendance may occur.
* If your final will take the form of a final paper, project or take-home exam, instructors should be mindful, when setting the questions/topic/distribution and due date, that students may have other scheduled exams. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.