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The College's Christian Community is supported by The Rev. Dr.  , Campus Chaplain and multiple student groups. The Christian Community at Franklin & Marshall is multi-denominational which includes Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians, United Church of Christ members and others. Representing many expressions of the faith.  We seek to promote an atmosphere where people can share their own unique traditions and find commonality.

The John Newman Association The John Newman Association (JNA) is the Catholic Campus Ministry at Franklin & Marshall College. From hosting weekly Mass on campus, to holding club discussion meetings and holiday parties, the JNA allows students to grow in their faith in both formal and social settings. 

Though this is a student-led group, the JNA is advised by our campus minister, Father Michael Messner, and our lay campus minister, Alicia Spelfogel, who holds open office hours twice a week. Catholic students are served by Father Michael Messner and his lay assistant Alicia Spelfogel. Father Messner also serves as the parish priest for Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, which is within easy walking distance from campus. Professors of American Studies and  of Mathematics serve as advisers to the group.

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)  is an association of Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholic students who support each other in living their faith. The group is advised by and meets regularly for meals, invites speakers from the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Rite communities, and gathers for prayer and worship on campus and at Annunciation Orthodox Church. Orthodox Christian Fellowship national link.  of the Library Staff serves as the group adviser.

The Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) is Franklin & Marshall's chapter of the national organization established in 1941 that is present on over 560 college campuses across the U.S. Students who join IVCF begin a journey of following Jesus and deepening their relationship with God; they are taught to study the Bible; they receive leadership training; and they experience a variety of mission opportunities. IVCF seeks to be a welcoming place for all F&M students. All are welcome regardless of their experience or background. They meet throughout the week in numerous Bible studies located in each College House. They also meet together at The Well, an informal gathering for a short talk, musical worship, friends and food. The Well takes place each Wednesday evening at 9:30 pm in Booth Ferris. For information contact Professor Professor of Mathematics of the International Studies Program who serves as adviser to the group. serves as IVCF staff.  IVCF Facebook Group.

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