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Professor of Art History
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Office: HUE26

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Warrington, PA

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Manheim, PA

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Hightstown, NJ

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Port Jervis, NY

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Lancaster, PA

Past Houses of Light

represents one of several series of photographs that I am working on. The photographs in the series document a form of vernacular architecture, the wooden (and, in one case, aluminum) glass greenhouse, which has almost disappeared from the eastern United States.

The focus is on family-run greenhouses that have gone out of business or where the business is slowly ending.

In 1993 I began the series when I was living in central New Jersey and have continued it after moving to southeastern Pennsylvania. If possible, I collect information about the history of the family or families who have been associated with a particular site.

Once I begin work at a place, I track it through the seasons and over the years until what structures are present have vanished. The series has a number of broader implications.

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