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Careers for Religious Studies Graduates

A major in Religious Studies at F&M equips students with the critical, interpretative, and analytic skills that pave the way for a wide range of career opportunities.

A survey of our recent graduates shows that while approximately half of these Religious Studies majors went on to post-graduate studies, an almost equal number have obtained positions in a broad variety of professions, many of them business-oriented.

Among our graduates who have sought further training, some have gone on to take degrees in law, medicine, or education.

The strength of the program at Franklin & Marshall is witnessed by the fact that our majors who elected to pursue higher degrees in Religious Studies have been accepted to universities such as Harvard, Yale, University of Chicago, Princeton Theological Seminary, Emory, and the University of California.  Students inclined toward religious vocations--Christian ministry, the rabbinate, pastoral counseling--receive at F&M the intellectual skills needed in the complex religious landscape of the modern world.

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    Pacific Ocean (April 19, 2009) Chaplain Lt. Cmdr. John Hoke prays while conducting Catholic Mass in the hangar bay of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.  This Image was released by the United States Navy with the ID 090419-N-3659B-041.