• ryan fowler3
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Classics




  • Ph.D., Classics, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey,  2008
    Dissertation: The Platonic Rhetor in the Second Sophistic
  • M.A., Classical Greek, Columbia University, 2003
  • M.A., Philosophy, San Francisco State University,  1998
    Masters Thesis on Friedrich Nietzsche
  • B.A., Philosophy, University of Arizona,  1993

Areas of Interest 

Ancient rhetoric, Greek and Latin prose, Greek literature and thought in the Roman era, early Greek and Latin religious texts



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  • (trans., ed.) 2015. The Imperial Plato: Albinus, Maximus, Apuleius. Parmenides Press.

Book Reviews

  • Bonazzi, Mauro and Jan Opsomer, edd. 2009. The Origins of the Platonic system: Platonisms of the Early Empire and their Philosophical Contexts. Collection d'Études Classiques 23. Louvain: Éditions Peeters; Société des Études Classiques. BMCR, 2010.08.31.
  • Seth Benardete. 1993 [2009 pb.] The Rhetoric of Morality and Philosophy: Plato's Gorgias and Phaedrus. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. BMCR, 2010.01.21.



  • “Rumor and Silence in the Letters of Basil of Caesarea,” Dumbarton Oaks, Fall 2014
  • “How and Why to Read Plato in Late Antiquity: Lessons from Some Platonic Handbooks,” University of Chicago, Spring 2014
  • “Classics and Philosophy,” University of Southern Maine, F. 2012, F. 2013, S. 2014
  • “The Employment of Philosophy in Early Christianity,” The Steel Center Lecture Series  and the Journeys Public Lecture Series, Hendrix College, Fall 2010


  • “Demystifying Assessment” Panel, SCS, LA (accepted), 2015
  • “Hybrid and Online Learning in Classics,” CAAS, D.C. , 2014
  • “The Christian Language of Apuleius’ De Platone,” NAPS, IL , 2014
  • “Moving toward a (Responsible) Hybrid/Online Greek Major: the Potential Impact of Enhanced MOOCs on Classics Departments,” APA, IL, 2014
  • “Linking the Liberal Arts: An alternative to the MOOC,” ISSOTL, NC, 2013
  • “Toward a Third Sophistic” Roundtable, APA, WA, 2013
  • “Collaboration through Technology: Greek Across Campuses,” NITLE, VA (poster), 2012
  • “Toward a Third Sophistic: Methodius of Olympus,” CAMWS, MA , 2011
  • “ASCSA and Summer Opportunities for Study,” Illinois Classical Conf., IL, 2010
  • “Oracles and the composition of Herodotus 1,” CAMWS, MN, 2009
  • “Herakles and Deianeira in Sophocles,” CAAS, MD, 2006
  • “Broughton on the Magistrates,” CAAS, PA, 2004


  • “How and Why to read Plato’s Dialogues in the Early Common Era,” CHS, “25th Hour” Spring 2015
  • “Homer, Homer, ‘Homer,’” Sunoikisis Greek Poetry seminar, Fall 2012
  • “Intertextuality and ‘Silver Latin’,” Sunoikisis Latin Poetry seminar, Fall 2011
  • “Allusion and Hellenistic Poetry,” Sunoikisis Greek Poetry seminar, Fall 2011
  • “Socrates and Athenian Law,” Sunoikisis Greek Law seminar, Fall 2010
  • “Philosophy and Classics,” Methods in Classics, Knox College, Spring 2010
  • “Textual Criticism and the App. Crit.,” Methods, Knox College, Spring 2010

Awards, Fellowships
and Other Appointments

  • Residential Fellow, Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS), Fall 2014
  • CHS Sunoikisis Fellow in Curricular Development, Harvard University, 2012–2014
  • Visiting Scholar, Classics Department, University of Washington, 2012-2013
  • Mellon Research Awards for The Imperial Plato project, Knox College, Winter 2011 & Summer 2011
  • Mellon Research Awards for Sunoikisis project, Knox College, Summer 2010
  • Excellence Fellowship, Rutgers University, 2003-2004 & 2007-2008
  • New York Classical Club Scholarship, ASCSA Summer Session, 2003


  • Organizer, Sunoikisis Faculty Development Seminars (‘Greek Comedy’ [Jeff Rusten, Cornell University] & ‘Late Republican Literature’ [Corey Brennan, Rutgers University]), CHS, June 2014
  • Organizer, Sunoikisis Faculty Development Seminars (‘Greek Lyric’ [Greg Nagy, Harvard University] & ‘Early Republican Literature’ [Niall Slater, Emory University]), CHS, June 2013
  • Organizer and Participant, Sunoikisis Faculty Development Seminar (‘Medieval Latin’ [Bridget Balint, Indiana University] & ‘Homer’ [Richard Martin, Stanford University]), CHS, June 2012
  • Participant, Sunoikisis Faculty Development Seminar (Elementary Greek language project), CHS, Oct. 2011 & Feb. 2012
  • Participant Sunoikisis Faculty Development Seminar (‘Silver Age Latin’ [Carole Newlands] & ‘Hellenistic Poetry’ [Ben Acosta-Hughes]), CHS, June 2011
  • Study Trip to Rome, Knox College, December 2010
  • American School of Classical Studies in Athens (ASCSA), Visiting Senior Associate Member, Summer 2010
  • Participant Sunoikisis Faculty Development Seminar (‘Attic Oratory’ [Michael Gagarin]), CHS, June 2010
  • Ceramic Illustrator, Gordion, Turkey Archaeological Expedition, Summer 2005, ASCSA Summer Session, 2003
  • Eta Sigma Phi Classics Honors Society, Honorary Member from 2002
  • Postbaccalaureate Program in Classics, Columbia University, May 2001
  • Certificate in Teaching Logic and Critical Thinking, SFSU, 1998