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Committee By-Laws


Adopted Bylaws of the Staff Advisory Committee September 2012

Article I - Name of the Committee
The organization shall be known as the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC).

Article II - Purpose of the Committee
The MISSION of the Staff Advisory Committee is to enhance the work experiences of the non-exempt professional staff at Franklin & Marshall College.  Our purpose is to welcome, educate and support non-exempt professional staff; to enrich the College experience for all non-exempt staff members; and to promote a respectful, civil, caring and cohesive College community.

Article III – Membership
The Committee membership shall consist of non-exempt regular employees of the College, both full and part-time. There shall be no less than [7] and no more than [11] members, not including the Director of Human Resources who is a permanent member, ex-officio.

The current members of the Committee nominate and elect new members from the non- exempt staff of the College, either when a vacancy occurs or when the Committee needs additional members. A nominee must have been employed by the College at least one year.

Members of the Committee serve a three-year term commencing with the beginning of the month of the first scheduled meeting after acceptance of Committee membership and ending at the end of the same month after three years. Membership can be renewed for one additional term by vote of the Committee.

Members selected to replace a resigning Committee member whose full term has not expired will serve their own three-year term.

Article III - Officers
The Committee officers are, a Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, and Web Content Implementer. They are nominated and elected from the Committee membership for a one-year term. A term can be renewed by vote of the Committee for one additional consecutive term. All four officers will be recipients of online suggestion box messages.

The Chair, leads all meetings, send out agendas for monthly meetings in a timely manner and is the Committee’s liaison to the Director of Human Resources. The Chair also conducts in- absentia voting when a quorum is not available at monthly meetings. Between monthly meetings the Chair is the contact for all Committee business. The Chair is responsible for sharing suggestions from the website suggestion box with the Committee.

The Co-Chair, in the absence of the Chair, performs all duties of the Chair as needed. The Co-Chair has the option (which they may decline) of assuming the position of Chair the next year at which time a new Co-Chair will be elected. The Co-Chair’s responsibilities also includes oversight of the membership of the Committee such as terms, additions, etc.

The Secretary records the minutes of the meetings, sends them out to the membership for review in a timely manner and, once approved, sends the minutes as edited meeting summaries to the Web Content Implementer for posting on the Committee website. The Secretary maintains all other records of the Committee.

The Web Content Implementer maintains the Committee website and keeps it up to date.

Article V – Meetings  
The Committee year runs July 1- June 30.  Regular monthly meetings are held September to May. Summer meetings are at the discretion of the Chair. Meeting times and places are coordinated by the Chair, in consultation with the Committee.

A minimum of fifty-percent of the membership present at meetings constitutes a quorum for deciding business.  For example:
11 members- quorum=6
10 members- quorum=5
9 members- quorum=5
8 members- quorum=4
7 members-quorum=4

In cases where less than fifty-percent of the membership is present, absentia voting will be held until a quorum is reached.

Members missing more than [4] meetings in a Committee year may result in removal from the Committee by vote.

Article VIII - Amendments
Amendments may be made to these bylaws at any time by vote of the Committee.