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Assistant Professor of International Business
Business, Organizations and Society



Office: HAR114


Harris 114

Office Hours, Spring 2015: 

Monday 2:30 - 3:30 PM; Wednesday 2:30 - 4:30 PM and by appointment


Sara Jane McCaffrey is an assistant professor of international business in the Department Business, Organizations, and Society at F&M. McCaffrey’s research interests focus on business managers’ responses to globalization in advanced industrial economies, and on the impact of negotiated standards and political institutions on production strategies.

Prof. McCaffrey’s current research examines the farming and food industries. Agriculture remains the world’s most highly protected industry, but farmers and food producers are far from immune to globalization pressures. McCaffrey is investigating how farm managers attempt to upgrade to higher value added segments, and in particular, how they evaluate and whether they adopt conventional, organic, or ‘local’ production and marketing strategies.

Prior to arriving at F&M, Prof. McCaffrey studied at MIT, where she was a member of the research team at MIT’s Industrial Performance Center. McCaffrey’s dissertation, “Globalization and Human Capital” examined the variety of globalization strategies of firm managers in Italy, Germany, and the US in the textile and apparel industries and the IT training industry.


BSFS - Georgetown University

Ph.D. -  Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Recent Research

(forthcoming) “Social Movement Organization Leaders and the Creation of Markets for ‘Local’ Goods” (with Nancy Kurland).  Conditionally accepted, Business and Society.

McCaffrey, S.J., and N.B. Kurland 2014. “Who Defines Local? Multiple Standards and Local Labeling Schemes”, Business and Politics, 6 (1): 191-219.

Kurland, N.B. and S.J. McCaffrey, “Leading to Local: Social Movement Organization Leaders and the Creation of Markets for ‘Local’ Goods” Revise and Resubmit.

McCaffrey, S.J., and N.B. Kurland, "Does Local Mean Ethical? The US 'Buy Local' Movement and CSR in SMEs” Under review.

McCaffrey, S.J. 2013. “Tacit-rich districts and globalization: changes in the Italian textile and apparel production system” Socio-Economic Review; doi:10.1093/ser/mwt005  http://ser.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/mwt005?

McCaffrey, S.J. (with Nancy Kurland) 2013. “Promoting Ethical Consumption or Protecting Local Elites? Tensions in the US ‘Buy Local’ Movement”  . Academy of Management Proceedings. (Includes top 5% of the 5000 submissions to the AOM Annual Meeting.) 2013, 1:10495. Academy of Management.

Kurland, N.B. McCaffrey, S.J., and Hill, D. H, 2012.  “The Localism Movement: Shared and Emergent Values”. Journal of Environmental Sustainability. vol. 2. http://www.environmentalmanager.org/index.php/journal/  

Kurland, N.B., McCaffrey, S.J. and Zell, D. 2012. The Localism Movement: Environmental Leadership in Grassroots Activism. In D. R. Gallagher (Ed.) Environmental Leadership, Sage Publications.

Papers Under Review

“Family Business, Inter-generational Management, and Sustainability Strategy”.  Under review.  

“Does Local Mean Ethical? The US Localism Movement and CSR in SMEs” (with Nancy Kurland).  Under review.

Course Information

BOS 200:  Strategies for Organizing  

BOS 350: International Business

BOS 480: Business and Politics