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Recent Honors Projects in SPM

2011: Chelsea Schein, "Feeding the Alligators: Mind Perception and Welfare Recipients"

2010: Treysi Terziyan, "Musical Distraction Study with Spanish-English Bilinguals"

2009: Sarah Coughlin, "Virtue in Action: Predictors of Helping Behavior and the Situationist Debate"

2008: Aysu Suben, "The Duck/Rabbit Illusion: Re-Examination of Information Encapsulation"

2007: Atilla Cidam, "Creative Wisdom"

2007: Dobromir Dotov, "Drum Machines Influence Motor Coordination: Human Interaction with Oscillation in the Environment"

2006: Atilla Cidam, "Wisdom of the Moment"

2005: Dunuwille E. Jayawickrem, "A Common Search for Character: Virtue Ethics and the Values in Action Classification"