Squash  ACES

“We Are Squash A.C.E.S.”

What is Squash A.C.E.S.?

Squash A.C.E.S. (Attitude, Community, Excellence, and Scholarship) began in 2009 through a partnership with the School District of Lancaster. Squash ACES is an after school college access program that combines academics, community service, and the exciting game of squash, with the long-term goal of post secondary education attainment.

We currently work with 30 motivated students, ranging from middle to high school  from the School District of Lancaster. Currently, students from Reynolds Middle School, apply, interview and are ultimately selected to join the program. Students and families make a long term commitment to continue with the program through high school. Our goal is to prepare each of our students, many of which will be first generation college students, for the full range of postsecondary options.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Squash ACES is strongly supported by students of Franklin & Marshall. Members of  both the F&M men and women’s Diplomat squash team provide on-court coaching support. Other students who have an interest in working with middle to high school students and possess a desire to make a difference in a young person’s life, may apply to become ACES mentors. F&M students are able to further their interests in service and education, while becoming active members of the Lancaster community.


Interested in Becoming an ACES Mentor?  

Here's what you need to know...
  • Mentors are able to volunteer with their mentee right on campus

  • Mentors are trained to provide the student mentee with academic support, leadership development, encouragement, and college preparation.

  • Mentors will be paired to work with mentees on a one-to-one basis

  • The program meets each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:45-6:00 p.m.

  • Mentors must be able to make a semester long commitment to volunteer one or two days a week

  • Mentors also have the opportunity to participate in special Squash ACES activities including, field trips, bonding events, and community service projects

Check out our Facebook page and Instagram for updates and great pictures. Also be sure to visit the newsletter  for more stories.

Here's what you need to do...

Mentor selection and training occurs at the beginning of each academic semester.


Squash A.C.E.S. Contact Information

Susan Walker, program director, the Ware Institute, (717) 358-4594

Barbara Smithgall, community resource coordinator, (717) 358-5862

Gavin Jones, squash director (717) 358-3911


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"There's so much inspiration to be found in those driven, caring, wise pre-college educators whose life's work is to empower the young. I get to see these efforts—to walk with these change-makers—all across the country."

Check out the rest of Dr. Porterfield's article in Forbes entitled "Walking with Change-Makers: One College President's New Year's Resolution to see our featured shout out!    

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Story 4/6/2015

Emily Hirsch, Squash A.C.E.S. Volunteer

"Squash ACES is a wonderful program that allows F&M students to interact with students in the surrounding community; it is a means to get involved and make a meaningful difference" 

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Squash, Tutoring Help Students Become ‘ACES’

For students at Reynolds Middle School, the two-block trip to F&M is the beginning of a longer journey—one toward a promising future. 

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