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The Squash ACES program was founded in 2009. It is designed to create educational opportunities for those students who might otherwise have limited access to successful secondary and postsecondary education. As the Squash ACES program expands, students will continue their involvement throughout high school, which will include college counseling and mentoring in order to encourage and assist each student to explore all available educational opportunities.

The Squash ACES program focuses on finding motivated, enthusiastic, underserved students who are showing evidence of (or potential for) academic success, are able to work cooperatively, have good attendance, and are interesting in learning how to play a new sport while working hard and having fun.

Choosing the Team

All Reynolds sixth grade students are given a presentation by Squash ACES staff during their gym classes. Those students that sign up for the tryouts have the opportunity to learn and experience the game of squash firsthand on the squash court. Students who are thought to benefit most from athletic achievement and academic mentoring are selected to join the program. The long-term goal is to add a new sixth grade group each year and keep them in the program through high school.

Goals of the Program

Squash ACES will build positive relationships between students, coaches, and tutors by focusing on the program’s key values:

Attitude, Community, Excellence, Scholarship

Using the challenging game of squash to spark and maintain the student’s interest, Squash ACES offers academic tutoring and mentoring to develop each student’s academic achievement and foster personal growth while developing their squash and fitness skills in a healthy, nurturing and supportive team environment.

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